Matthew Jacobs

In June of 2012, Matthew replica breitling watches Jacobs was diagnosed with Nodular Lymphocyte Predominant Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The cost of the treatment is quite expensive. Both of Matthew’s parents have missed several days of work in order to get him to the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston for treatments and appointments. The goal of this web site be informative and to raise as rolex oyster perpetual much money as we can to help pay for co-payments, medical visits, scans, prescriptions, and anything else that Matthew might need during this period.


All about Matthew

  • Cancer Survivor Matthew Jacobs!!

    Matthew Jacobs was diagnosed with Nodular Lymphocyte Predominant Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This website has been set up as a place where people can make donations to the family in this time of need. Please use the Donate buttons located on the page that will take you to a paypal page where you can make a helpfull donation at your convenience.

    Matthew is a very loving and outgoing honor roll student at Hudson ISD. He likes hunting, fishing, skating, watching Netflix and most of all playing video games on his PS3.

    He gets to Make a Wish, and he recently told his parents what it was he wanted.

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    He said “I want to have a benefit concert w/a Texas singer to play so he can raise money to DONATE to the Texas Children's Hospital for research for childhood cancers."

    We spoke to his doctor this past Thursday and he said that childhood cancers were the most underfunded.

    Nicholas and Matthew got to go to Camp Periwinkle which is hosted by TCH and it was wonderful. Matthew has not got to get out much all summer because his immune system does not permit that at this point.

    Matt would be starting his first year in middle school but will have to be home schooled due to his illness for the first part of the school year. He is the baby of our three sons.
    Kody (16yrs), Nicholas (14yrs), Matthew (11yrs) Jacobs.
    Jason & Rebecca Jacobs have been happily married for 19yrs.

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    Latest News


    August 2012

    On August 7th Matthew went to Houston to undergo tests to see where he was at in his treatment; a PET Scan (test for cancer cells) & CT Scan (measures size of his tumor) was done that day.

    On August the 8th he started his third cycle of chemo, which consist of a long week of chemo. Wednesday - all six of his chemo meds which usually takes ten hours, Thursday - two of the longer treatments which takes four hours, Friday - two of the shorter chemo treatments which takes about two hours.

    On Wed. August 8th Matthew's doctor at Texas Children's Hospital came by while he was starting his chemo cycle to let us know the results of the test from day before; it was the MOST AWESOME news we had ever heard.

    Matthew's tumor has shrank over 80% and he has    NO MORE ACTIVE CANCER CELLS   !!!!

    Please watch The Lufkin Daily News & Daily Sentinel and listen to Lufkin's local radio stations for Future Fundraising Events.

    We appreciate all of the healing prayers; GOD is awesome!!!!!!


    Information about the illness

  • Nodular lymphocyte predominat Hodgkin's lymphoma (NLPHL)

    Nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NLPHL) is a type of Hodgkin’s disease, a cancer of lymph cells. It is one of the less frequent types of Hodgkin’s disease comprising about 5% of all cases of this cancer. However, it has several distinctive features that set it apart from other types of Hodgkin’s (together known as classical Hodgkin’s lymphoma).

    NLPHL can occur at any age, though most patients are usually in their thirties. It is three times more common in males compared with females.

    The predominant warning sign of this disease is an enlargement of lymph nodes in the neck, chest or armpits. Involvement of other lymph nodes or other organs is quite uncommon. Other symptoms of lymphoma include fever, weight loss and sweating at night The diagnosis of lymphoma is made with a lymph node biopsy. The exact type of lymphoma is determined by molecular tests that can tell between NLPHL and other types of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

    Nearly 8 out of 10 patients with NLPHL are diagnosed with early stage lymphoma, involving lymph nodes only in the neck and upper half of the body. Treatment of nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin's lymphoma includes chemotherapy and often radiation therapy as well. Most patients respond very well to treatment, and more than 90% are cured.

    source: about.com